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Manuel, Gerald, Rade

Aerolith is a band committed to space rock. With meditative repetitive riff patterns and idols such as the fabulous Monkey3—which contributes a certain post rock edge—we try to bring the melancholic atmosphere of the infinite reaches of space down to earth. The band is situated in Bischofshofen, Austria, and formed in 2014 as a new project out of the members of the band Vigor, which are, from left to right: Rade Kutil at the keyboards, Manuel Schlick at the drums, and Gery Kaiser at the guitar.



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Aerolith II CD


Full length album, released on December 1 2017.
  1. Pacha (07:56)
  2. Sleeping Bulldog (10:30)
  3. Rain Walk (07:16)
  4. Ambiverse (08:56)
  5. Aufschub (07:46)
  6. Bug Nebula (08:50)

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Aerolith CD


Debut full length album, released on May 1 2016.
  1. Binary Sundown (10:05)
  2. Die Schabe (09:18)
  3. Ludwig (10:16)
  4. Little Drama Boy (08:13)
  5. Patafly (07:25)
  6. Solipse (06:20)
  7. Wired Earp (06:17)

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Label: Lakechurch Production

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